Charlotte Alles


My name is Charlotte, Im a sculptor, puppeteer, theatre maker and director for various groups but especially young children. When I was 17, I started my own theatre collective, 14VOLT. Together we made a few plays that had a filled-to-the-brim feel of punk. Meanwhile I went to Brussels to study Sculpture and Fine Arts. After a few stints and graduation I went to work in the puppet theatre of my father. It took some getting used to, but I soon discovered that object theatre has a lot to offer to a sculptor. I could combine my own interest in theatre with my sculpting work. I became the company´s puppet creator, set designer and visual artist.

This has become the typical and ideal mix for me. When I´ve worked 100% in theatre, I long to go back to my garage to make new objects come to life. But when I´ve stayed for a while in that garage, the itch to get out and play something soon returns. Apart from working on my own plays, I also work as a director for amateur theatre. It´s a fascinating job, because of all the different people that are involved, and certainly also to pass the theatre bug to others!

I also engage more directly with people from various backgrounds in artistic workshops. I often use objects and puppets in these workshops, but also drama, dance, visuals…..I’ve worked in theatre settings, but also in other contexts like schools and youth centers, and in all of these I aspire to bring out the artistic mindset in the people I work with, whether they are 2.5 years old, adults, and regardless of their specific background.