Farbod Fathinejadfard


We are living in a time where country leaders facing each other, without a decent dialogue. Where, everything and everyone became during time, very fragile. A world with a thin skin, I would like to mention . A world where we consume and consume more than we need. A world in which capitalism is still the norm and takes a dominant role in our daily lives. In addition, unfortunately if you are, for any reasons against this ideology, or what I prefer to call it a demon, you do not take part and the system spit you out.

As an Iranian/Belgian man at the first place and as a theater maker/actor second, it is very difficult to try and to provide an alternative. Nevertheless, this is not because of my own, sometimes-pessimistic thoughts. It is because of the judging eye of “the others”. The judging eye of the western society. However, I believe, and it is my job to provide an alternative and to be able to show it, to the world, or at least to the one person, who is standing in the back of the room.

To be part of the team would not be just meaningful to my professional career but also, the most important, to my personal growth. The process of using art to express the world problems and using art to express what I think and feel, through my trauma’s, has been and is especially in this 21st century, the most fascinating, breath taking and interesting way of life to me.

This would be purposeful, as I would contribute a meaningful human duty, now and in the future by assisting people who are in need, irrespective of race, religion, gender or political affiliation. When I was nine years old, I faced a tremendous change in my life. Migration. My family and I, cross through Europe, from east to west and in the end to Belgium. Since the day that I arrived in Belgium, I am trying to find my path through art and especially theatre. However, I always found that there is still something missing.