Language: English
Author: Olive Collins

Cromwell sent many Irish to Jamaica in the 1600s. The emigration continued for more than 200 years... "It was thought that the Irish would have a better chance of survival if they were introduced to the climate at a young age. Cromwell then sent 2,000 children between the age of 10 and 14 years."

Whats the story

Translation: Whats the story

Language: English
Author: RTE - National Broadcaster

Lives in Direct Provision Ireland

Syrians cook for locals as part of Sligo Global Kitchen event

Translation: Syrians cook for locals as part of Sligo Global Kitchen event

Language: English
Author: Irish Times


Migrant Mother's and Lullabies

Translation: Migrant Mother's and Lullabies

Language: English
Author: Radio 4 Womens Hour

A Radio 4 Women's Hour report (at 11 mins in) about a project by Praxis, working with refugee women (including those who are 'illegal' or unreported) creating lullabies for their children, set to music and sung by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

Language: English
Author: Sorcha Pollack

Article about one Woman's use of community and the arts to assist her while living in Direct Provision in Ireland.

Language: English
Author: The Irish News

Refugee Children have written a book of Fairytales. Two workers working with Refugee children in Greece have worked with the children to create a book of Fairytales.



Language: English
Author: Rachel Aviv

In Sweden, hundreds of refugee children have fallen unconscious after being informed that their families will be expelled from the country.

Language: English
Author: by Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich

Children's books that deal with the topic of refugees in an age appropriate manner.

Reception Conditions

Translation: Reception Conditions

Language: English
Author: Asylum Information Database

Comparisons of conditions for asylum seekers in European countries

Language: English
Author: Georgette

Selections of books for children to help them explore the issue of migration.

Language: English
Author: IETM

Link to IETM report which "highlights key areas where cultural interventions lead to tangible benefits, and emphasises the importance of a further tier of cultural projects that do not simply engage newcomers, refugees and migrants, but foster interaction and dialogue with wider European society."

Kids, refugees, questions

Translation: Kids, refugees, questions

Language: English
Author: The Guardian

A video in which British children and child refugees ask and answer questions about the refugee crisis.....

Language: English
Author: Changiz M Varzi |

Palestinian artist Mahmoud Hourani's silent play aims to discover why refugees are risking everything to reach Europe.

Language: English
Author: Human Rights Watch

European Union governments’ policy responses to migration undermine refugee protection and human rights and diminish the EU’s moral standing, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today.


Translation: Skinless

Language: Norwegian
Author: Kaja Glenne Lund and Tiffany Morrell /

A podcast on the situation for LGBT refugees in Norway. - Anyone seeking asylum on the basis of LGBTI are faced with a demand from the Norwegian authorities that they must reflect carefully around their sexual identity. Who they are and who they will be. Many are connecting LGBTI with shame and stigma, and do not always want to explain the reason when they seek asylum. When they are rejected by the UDI, and information about their identity appears in the complaint to UNE, they are not believed, says Kaja Glenne Lund.

Language: English
Author: Alexandra Ma

Article (and photographs) outlining a project where children who had travelled as refugees recreated images from their real life stories on theatre sets for a photo journalism project.

Language: English
Author: Carl O’Brien

Article - including a number of video interviews with children - exploring the experience for asylum seekers living in the ‘Direct Provision’ system in Ireland which is the system used while processing asylum seekers claims for refugee status.

Language: English
Author: David Hutchison

Story of the ‘Good Chance Theatre’ in the Jungle camp in Calais. How it came about, who supported it, why it was needed.