Language: English
Author: Steven Camden

Information on a new play by spoken word artists Polar Bear (Steven Camden) about risk taking for children aged 11+

Language: English
Author: Leslie Kendall Dye

A mother talks about her daughter's love of climbing, running, swinging on gates.....and the sometimes negative responses from the public. "We should want for all our children the kind of sure-footedness that only repeated explorations of varied terrains can provide. Interfering with risk-taking mammalian play imperils our young by undermining their confidence. It also disrupts their development. I have to keep myself from shouting, “Leave them alone! Let them play!”"

Language: English
Author: Clare Fox

Article about generation 'snowflake' and how young people are dealing with strong differing opinions....

Language: English
Author: Lenka Clayton

Artist Lenka Clayton did a residency in motherhood. As part of her residency she made a series of videos documenting the distance she felt she could be from her son.

Language: English
Author: Active Healthy Kids Scotland

Recent report shows that Scotland's young people are among the least active in the world, despite new measures and initiatives.

“Bomullsbarn” kan få angst

Translation: “Cottonball” kids might get anxiety disorders

Language: Norwegian
Author: Astrid Engen / NRK

Over protective parents can be a contributing cause of anxiety in children, says Ellen Beate Sandseter. Sandseter is a college lecturer in physical education and doctoral candidate in psychology at Queen Maud Institute in Trondheim, Norway. She is delivering doctoral about how children experience risky play.

Language: English
Author: Selena Hoy

Exploration of the cultural difference that allows young children in japan more independence and freedom than their European or American counterparts.

Language: English
Author: Press Association

That’s what childhood should be about: getting outdoors and going on adventures, using your imagination to customise the world you see and feeding that appetite for fresh air and fun.