Rachael Macintyre


Lead Artist - Rachael Macintyre (Scotland, Migration Lab) 
Collaborator - Niroshini Thambar (Scotland, Migration Lab)
Collaborator - Claricia Kruithof (Scotland, Migration Lab) 
Collaborator - Jonanthan Lloyd (Scotland, Migration Lab) 

Paper Memories will be performed as a work in progress at Edinburgh International Children's Festival on Friday 1 June 2018 for festival delegates.

"Paper Memories touches upon the subject of migration; of integration and identity through the exploration of memories and how they shape who we are and also who we’re not. The subject matter of the performance directly connects with the PUSH Migration Lab, which took place in Dublin this year. A journey of a migrant or refugee, in and of itself, is their arrival in a new country. A demand that is put on migrants, on children, to assimilate, and not to remember, is one of the many aspects we touched upon in the Lab and one in which we will explore in this initial stage of the project. I went on the Lab with Niroshini Thambar (one half of the composer duo working on the project) and Claricia Kruithoff (dancer/performer). Also, out of many of the friends I made on the Lab, I befriended Jonathan Lloyd, who will be offering his expertise as an outside eye near the end of the second development week. 

Paper Memories is a celebration of our memories, which make us who we are. We follow the story of a young migrant girl, not long arrived in Scotland, who is told by everyone around her not to remember where she came from. Her fragile paper memories are ripped and torn; she becomes voiceless. Until, it's clear the only way to move forwards, to become empowered, is to remember. Created by Mariem Omari and Rachael Macintyre (Jabuti Theatre), Paper Memories uses object manipulation, dance, circus and aerial to take the audience on a visual journey of memories, migration and identity. 

At the time of writing this we are in the midst of our first week of development. Working from a rough outline of a narrative, we will be developing characters and story, images and ideas. We will also be experimenting with how to combine aerial and circus with object manipulation and dance; and how we can blend this elements and use them effectively in our storytelling. This is an ambitious and exciting project that we are eager to share and to gain feedback on."