Photo by Jassy Earl

Participatory – Performance that requires audiences to participate.  Can we enrich the expression by democratising the roles within the performance by changing the audience's role from being passively observant to creatively participating? How can we stage performances involving the audience so they are both participants, co-creators and observers at the same time?

Site-specific – Performance taking place outside of traditional venue spaces. Can we make performance art more present and reach new audiences by taking it out of the conventional theatre spaces? Working site-specifically can involve all kinds of non-theatrical spaces. It can be interventions that pop-up in a space without being pre-announced, it can guide the audience through landscape or it can stage a specific and relevant location in a new way.

Intergenerational – Performance with different age groups across human life. Can we make work about general human subjects that allow the audience to interpret it individually, according to the eyes that see, that is relevant for people of diverse ages and backgrounds? We will explore the artistic possibilities of working with performers of different generations on stage together.