Amalia Herrera

I am an artist in the field of performing arts, dance and theater especially. My concerns have been in the corporal investigation, in discovering and creating ways to move and express ourselves in movement, from the movement, with the movement towards the movement in the scene, in life, in the affective relationships that shape us and that we build as human beings social artists. I believe in the constant training of artists, in the revision and shake of their learning, acquired knowledge and experiences. For these reasons, I am interested in the possibility of exchanging experiences with the motivation to continue researching the paths that lead to their own compositions, authorial stage works that can be based on various creative stimuli, movements, gestures, texts, own or foreign stories, dreams in direction to a particularity of the corporal work.

The danced and / or daily gestures carry our cultural and symbolic aspects that dialogue with our formations as actors / dancers, with the dance and theater techniques that cross us, with the spaces that we have inhabited and that define the aesthetic, cultural and social proposals that we offer when we share our artistic works with the public

I seek to communicate, find these ways of scenic construction in the spaces I walk and give visibility to the imaginary that as a woman, artist, citizen and person I have in my personal, social, cultural, artistic story to be told / danced.

These languages ​​where theater and dance intersect, interest me and I think they give the possibility to share with other aspects and particular experiences in the creation processes.