Ellen Kilsgaard


I work freelance as choreographer, dancer and teacher. My work is centered around interactivity and I work with different groups of all ages. I investigate how dance and choreography might create contact between performer and audience, or between participants. I am interested in dance as a communicator and choreography which facilitate empathetic engagement.

Since 2007 I have specialised in improvisational processes, and I work with dance as a living manifestation of feeling/thought/relation. I strive for a dance as a place where there is no distinction between inner and outer worlds. I find that  working with dance gives a possibility to explore and reflect upon embodied intelligence, intuition, subtle and radical ways of being together. 

I have a BA in dance and choreography form SNDO – School For New Dance Development, Holland (1999) and an MA in Choreography with distinction from Dartington College of Arts in England (2008). Since 2010 I am based in Copenhagen.