Goele Van Dijck


Goele Van Dijck (1969, Belgium) studied at Fontys Hogeschool in the Netherlands to become a teacher of dance. As a dancer she started to develop her own work, where she is always looking for the essence of dance. In this research, she got interested in a young audience and became one of the pioneers in Belgium of dance for an audience from 2.5 years old.

She started the company Nat Gras which is known for its sensorial dance performances for the youngest and its inclusive dance work which is open for dancers with a disability. The performances of Goele are built up in an associative way. In her recent work for a young audience, she has special attention for the oldest in the audience. “How can I catch the attention of the parents and educators in the audience so they watch the performance starting from their own point of view, instead of watching through the eyes of their child” became an important question in the making off a performance.