Ilse Ghekiere


I am a Belgian artist and art historian who works as a dancer, performer, writer and educator. As a dancer I have worked with choreographers such as Michèle Anne De Mey, Mette Ingvartsen and Jan Martens. As a guest-teacher I give lectures and workshops concerning my master dissertation, which researches the Flemish iconographic toddler television program Tik Tak and its performative potential. As a writer I publish academic articles and write fiction.

Recently I co-wrote a feature movie with the Norwegian director Kim Hiorthøy. I am also a member of the Stockholm-based collective Together Alone. Our performances use the stage as a place to reflect upon socio-political issues such as gender and normativity in a non-binary sense.

Since the beginning of my artistic career, I have been interested in the relation between sexuality and performativity. My early performances were shown in a visual art context and revolved around eroticism, the image of ‘the young girl’ and the gaze of the audience. Later on, I questioned this approach, and its subject, and used my academic studies to critically transform my artistic practice and my role as a female dancer. In conjunction with my academic studies in Archaeology and Art Sciences, the notion of sexuality and performativity was enriched with new ideas concerning intergenerational exchange, cultural heritage, gender studies and educational sciences. This multifaceted research forms the basis of my current work as an artist and educator.