Katja Brita Lindeberg


Katja Brita Lindeberg was born in Trondheim where she now works as a performing artist and actress. She studied with the Canadian clown/pedagogue Sue Morrison before completing a Masters in physical comedy at the Stockholm Dramatiska Högskola in 2011. The thesis of her research examined the role of the clown in relation to gender. Katja produces and performs in her own productions.

Katja's performances are often highly interactive, with on-stage interaction between actors and audience. In the period of 2013 – 2015 she received the Norwegian government art scholarship to continue her work. In 2016 she was appointed artist of the Sør Trøndelag county. Through her art she seeks to raise questions about social constructions and representation through the tragic and comic universe of the clown. The clown exists to celebrate our humanness with fears and sorrows, happiness, weaknesses etc. Because the clown is vulnerable and open she is also able to relive the paradoxes and the range of human emotions.