Maisie Lee

I am originally from the UK but have been based in Dublin for the past 15 years. I am a freelance director of theatre and radio. I am interested in and inspired by work that tells stories: stories about us and the world we live in. These stories can take many forms and includes theatre for adults, theatre for young audiences and radio. 

I have two projects for young people currently in development– ‘The Boy in the Boat’ by Fionnoula Gyax, inspired by the refugee crisis, and ‘Peat’ (previously ‘Elk’) by Kate Heffernan, a work in progress of which was presented at On The Edge Festival, Birmingham in July 2016 supported by The Ark. Whilst my primary focus is on new work, I am also currently in the midst of a project exploring adapting children’s classic literature for the stage. 

Other recent work includes  ‘Normal’ a new play exploring issues around autism for Dublin Fringe Festival 2017; a production of DNA by Dennis Kelly with Backstage Youth Theatre, Longford; a reworking of ‘A Christmas Carol’ adapted by Bryan Burroughs and Aaron Monaghan for The Ark;  ‘Stepping Stones’, a Radio Documentary exploring recovery made with St Patrick’s Mental Health Services; Curator and Director for 'Playcation' a series of readings of contemporary European plays; and new plays ‘Our Island’ by Barry McStay and 'In Dog Years I'm Dead' by Kate Heffernan. I was Abbey Theatre Resident Assistant Director 2013 – 14.