Mari Bø

My name is Mari Bø, and I am currently living and working as a freelance dancer and choreographer in Tromsø, Norway. I finished my BA in modern and contemporary dance from The Norwegian Collage of Dance in 2012, and premiered ”Tungt” (translated to ”heavy” or ”gravitation”) in 2013. “Tungt” has been on tour in northern Norway and northern Russia. My second piece, ”Noise Control”, premiered in 2014 and has been played on several festivals in Norway. “Noise Control” is touring Den Kulturelle Skolesekken in Norway spring 2017.

My major inspiration comes from exploring and challenging the connection between movement and sound. Understanding and studying this connection is something that drives me forward in my artistic work. During a residency in Tromsø at Hålogaland Teater I started playing with the idea of a dance performance for young children, and my piece, ”The Dancing Wall” premiered in 2015. This was the first performance I made for such a young audience, and I loved it.

Based on my experience with “The Dancing Wall” I decided to immerse myself in the topic of performing arts for children. In 2016 I recieved a grant from the bank Sparebank 1 Nord-Norge, that will allow me to continue learning about how to make performances for a young audience. I find children to be a very interesting and intuitive audience. I enjoy working with a target group that responds instantly to what they see, and that can get carried away by their own curiosity and fantasy.