Mine Nilay Yalcin


I am a 33 year old Norwegian/Turkish freelance stage artist, educated from Nordic Black Express, a two year theatre-school for multicultural artists based in Oslo (20052007). My work with Nordic Black Theatre, has inspired me and shaped me as an artist.

My main work has been as a director and theatre instructor. I have worked with (amongst others) Nordic Black Theatre, Teater NOR, Oslo Teatersenter and Dramatikkens Hus. My latest works include “The King is the King” by Saadallah Wannous (March 2017) and “The history of the future” by Christian Lollike (May 2017).

I find stage art as a language important, a universal language, that I think will become more and more important as a way of communication as we drive towards a more global and multicultural society. I have worked a lot with youth, children and young artists. Also with marginal groups such as unemployed and minorities.

My main inspiration is politics, society and change. News and people inspire me to create stories and pictures. What is going on around us? What will our future be like? Can art make us become better people? These issues have driven me into the work of community theatre and how we can work together on these issues.