My Lindblad Szlavik


My works as a dance artist and choreographer and she graduated from The Danish National School of Performing Arts in 2003. She is originally Swedish but based in Denmark and for the last 14 years she’s been working all over the Nordic countries and in USA.

My has a lot of experience from working and creating dance with and for professionals as well as nonprofessionals. My has been working with many different choreographers and dance artists like Ursula Eagly, Irené Hultman and Luis Malvacias. Since 2005 My has been making her own work and it has been performed at Judson Church in New York and at Overgaden-­â€ Institute for Contemporary Art in Copenhagen among others. 

Her interest lies in working with movement investigation and exploring a physical language that can be both abstract and complex and in the same time it can tell us a story.

My works for Åben Dans where she is involved in their dance educational program for schools and she´s in charge of the contemporary dance program at The Royal Danish Ballet School in Copenhagen. My is a founding member and team leader of the dance association Stands&Dans and she is politically active through the Independent Choreographers in Denmark where she´s been a board member for 8 years.