Pernelle Lorette


After having completed a Research Master in Linguistics at Utrecht University, I undertook a dance study at Nova Dansacademie in Haarlem, the Netherlands. During my study I developed a strong interest in choreography. I (co-)created pieces exploring diverse themes, such as Oublier (2015), a solo inspired by Alzheimer patients, Selfie (2016), an educational performance about the hyper-connected youth, and Adieu (2017), about faith, religions, individuality...

Next to choreography, I have also developed a strong interest in teaching dance classes, both for adults and children. I especially value the fact that you can arouse children’s interest in culture, in art, and in the marvels of the world via dance.

Since the beginning of my dance study, I have also been involved in several companies in Holland and abroad, such as TiNaNiNaNi (physical theatre), Bar Fuss (contemporary dance), and The Thomas Dewez Quintet (contemporary dance and jazz music). In July 2017, I graduated from Nova Dansacademie as a dance performer, teacher and choreographer. However, I did not gave up my other passion, since I combined the last year of my dance study in Holland with the first year of my PhD research into language and emotion at Birkbeck University of London. This combination of dance and linguistics inspires me in a specific way and helps me to develop myself as a unique emerging artist.

A footage of the more recent of my work, Adieu, can be seen on via this Youtube-link.