Robbie Synge


Robbie works from physical and choreographic starting points and makes performance, film, design and other things.

Based in Nethy Bridge, a small village in the Scottish Highlands, Robbie often works outdoors in natural or built environments. Robbie studied Physiology at university and worked in science, health and education before pursuing dance and performance professionally.

Continuing a physical background involving skateboarding and martial arts and a very short dance training, Robbie’s artistic practice has focused on the physical potentials of the body on its own and/or in relation to materials, objects or other people, often involving untrained or non-professional collaborators.

His work Douglas (2014) is a solo stage performance with a number of simple objects. Weight and gravity and the objects’ material nature are explored in a choreographic experiment that attempts to allow objects control over the performing body, often with surprising results. Douglas was part of the Aerowaves 2016 selection.

Julie & Robbie with disabled collaborator Julie Cleves is a live art, film and design project involving simple but innovative object designs and choreographic actions to solve problems such as sitting on grass together.

Ensemble (2017/8), a performance with dancers of ages 60s - 70s that challenges expectations around physicality and identity.

Robbie works regularly with young people and adults in workshop situations and is interested in ways we can work together on arts projects in highly visible ways.

Robbie was associate artist at Tramway, Glasgow (2016-17) and is currently a dance associate with Dance Base, Edinburgh.