Soetkin Demey

Soetkin Demey graduated from the Brussels Rits school of theatre as an actress (2011). Though she has played several times in creations by Manah Depauw and Michael Bijnens, she identifies herself mainly as a theatre maker. In her master year at the Rits she creates two solos exploring identity versus the body “Am I the result of my body or is the body my object? In her research she looks for materials to accentuate the friction between the body, self-image and the felt emotion within, always starting from autobiographic elements. ‘Insert picture here’ (2010) talks about anorexia; she uses tape to literally make a second skin, in ‘Song from the childhood’ (2011) she uses cardboard to make a second self. In ‘i am some body parts’ (2012) fabric instead of clothes help her to deconstruct a striptease.

After graduating, her research continues and widens to gender identity and family relationships. ‘I am looking for the face I had before the world was made’ (2012) talks about the gender question and more specifically ‘the male gaze’, in ‘DSM-IV-TR 307.1’ (2013) she works on the correlation of body and disease and ‘Dagger Us’(2014) is a ritual-performance about the father-daughter bond.