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Barns kjønnsidentitet: Vi trenger psykologer som hjelper folk med å utforske kjønnsmangfoldet

Translation: Children's gender identity: We need psychologists who help people to explore gender diversity

Language: Norwegian
Author: Reidar Schei Jessen, Anbjørg Ohnstad, Elisabeth Adams Kvam and Silje-Håvard Bolstad, network for sexuality and gender diversity in the Norwegian Psychology Association

It is problematic that psychologists legitimizes outdated ideas about sexual identity. There is reason to believe that more children had both challenged several gender norms and unfolded more, if society was more open to multiple gender identities.


Translation: Skinless

Language: Norwegian
Author: Kaja Glenne Lund and Tiffany Morrell /

A podcast on the situation for LGBT refugees in Norway. - Anyone seeking asylum on the basis of LGBTI are faced with a demand from the Norwegian authorities that they must reflect carefully around their sexual identity. Who they are and who they will be. Many are connecting LGBTI with shame and stigma, and do not always want to explain the reason when they seek asylum. When they are rejected by the UDI, and information about their identity appears in the complaint to UNE, they are not believed, says Kaja Glenne Lund.