Gender Lab response - Emma Park

Emma Park by Geraldine Heaney

Listen to Queer Call by Emma here.

Queer' is often a feeling too powerful for the brain to understand: too complex, too rich, non-linear. Having spent years trying to define the term as part of my practice it was an overwhelming feeling to be involved in creating a space where the Queer was ever present, happy to have a fluid definition and amplified by supportive, open and beyond all talented people.  However, involvement in the Lab blew open my personal unconscious bias which assumes that the world wants to accept, support and explore together. I am no longer convinced this is the case and as such feel more determined (frustrated, angry, confused, enraged as well) than ever following the lab.  Yvon Bonenfant said that children are more sensorially sensitive and that they can detect people who will let them explore their world and be themselves. I now know that it is my duty to be that beacon and be that Queer call that resonates with so many who don't quite feel safe in such a linear world. It's about possibility, visibility and room to choose who you are everyday, even if that shifts.