Gender Lab response - Yentl de Werdt

Yentl de Werdt by Geraldine Heaney

It took a little time to digest the intensive but very fruitful 10 days PUSH Lab in Edinburgh.

First of all I would like to thank the fantastic team & partners for organising this fabulous Lab! Thank you Imaginate for bringing all these wonderful artists and partners together in a beautiful city. The planning and organisation couldn't be better!

There was a variety of workshops, topics on the theme 'Gender', performances and the energetic Ceilidh!

It was very nice to meet people from different countries, different ways of working and background in the field of the arts.

Gender is not an easy topic but I felt we shared a common interest and language together, the possibility for dialogue and exchange. It was great to be fed by new ideas on gender/identity, different ways of working on the theme, conversations and exchanges of all kinds. My goal to broaden artistic horizons and continue learning, experiencing and liberating my own creativity as a performer & choreographer has definitely been reached. It has changed my work with youngster on a different level. I opened up to see new ways (gender related) of working and sharing. The Lab will definitely have an influence on my future projects and hopefully we cross paths with all the people/artists again and continue 'queering the bus' :). Thank you!