Waarom onze kinderen steeds minder spelen (en wij met een burn-out thuis zitten)

Translation: Why our children play less and less (and we are at home with a burn-out)

Language: Flemish
Author: Rudger Bregman

Article from The Netherlands: parents do work harder than ever, politcians are mainly concerned about facts and figures, schools are interested in tests and results. In the meantime children lose a lot: playing! Artikel over onderzoek in Nederland: kinderen krijgen steeds minder tijd en ruimte om vrij te spelen. Ouders werken harder dan ooit, politici maken zich druk over ranglijstjes, en scholen zijn gefocust op toetsen en resultaten. Ondertussen gaat er iets heel waardevols verloren.

De pampergeneratie, verwend, gekoesterd en daardoor doodongelukkig

Translation: The pampergeneration: spoiled, cherished and hence bad luck

Language: Flemish
Author: Renate van der Zee

Internegerative approach of how and why parents seem to pamper their children too much, protecting them to the limit and what rseults that effects on the children themselves.

Het grootste risico is alle risico vermijden

Translation: The biggest risk is to avoid all risks

Language: Flemish
Author: Erno Mijland

Interview with Helen Tovey, teacher 'early childhood studies' in London. She published 'Playing outdoors, spaces and places' and 'Let them play outdoors, a plea for healthy risks'. In this text she describes how she wants playgrounds, both public and in schools, to be drastically changed.

We zijn meer met onze kinderen bezig dan in de jaren zestig

Translation: We are more busy with our children than in the 60ies

Language: Flemish
Author: redaction of Flemish magazine KNACK, interview

interview with Flemish pedagogist Pedro de Bruyckere on education of children, both by parents and teachers, with a strong focus on autonomy instead of (over)protection.

Risicovol spelen, theorie en praktijk

Translation: Risky playing, theory and practice

Language: Flemish
Author: Martin Vanrooijen

Presentation by pedagogist Martin Vanrooijen at a symposium. Very handy overall view on theoretical models and practical case studies.

Risicovol spelen en ouders

Translation: Risky playing and parents

Language: Flemish
Author: Martin Vanrooijen

a scientific pedagogical research at the Utrecht University (The Netherlands) by Martin Vanrooijen (2013). He does research into the value of risky playing by children and into the little possibilities there are for them to do that: the fear of parents, the lack of social control, the strictness of the educational system. This text is a mix of theory and a very practical case study in Utrecht.