Niroshini Thambar

Illustration by Ailie Cohen
Illustration by Ailie Cohen

Lead Artist - Niroshini Thambar (Scotland, Migration Lab)

Niroshini participated in the Migration Lab held at The Ark, Dublin in late February 2018.  During the Lab she developed her idea for a production she'd had for a while called Girl on a String, talking with artists about the work and sharing some of the key ideas with the artists and PUSH partners.  She recently successfully applied to Imaginate to be part of their new Accelerator project and will now develop a work in progress of Girl on a String with funding and producing support from the Imaginate team.

Girl on a String

A young girl, walking through a landscape, becomes aware of a tugging sensation at her foot. Looking down, she sees a string leading from her foot, pulsing into the soil and rock below. The string is as much part of her as flesh and blood, but as well as anchoring her, it is tethering her. What or who is at the other end of the string? Should she cut herself loose? Will it hurt?  

Should she hold on or let go? Does she have to choose?

Girl on a String is new piece in development using music, dance and visual theatre to tell the story of a young girl who feels out of place, and her connection to the things that matter to her but which are becoming increasingly distant and out of reach due to events beyond her control.

It is also a simple tale of the intrigue of discovering one end of a string and wondering where it leads to; or of unexpectedly finding yourself attached to something that could be annoying, or comical, or terrifying, or wondrous.  

Touching on universal themes of connection, belonging and loss, it will explore the search for a sense of security as a child, and the things that keep you feeling connected to somewhere, something or someone that you cherish.