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Language: English
Author: Claire Cunningham

An audio interview with Claire Cunningham, a disabled artist based in Scotland talking about why she defines herself as a disabled artist, what it was like to make the transition from music to theatre and why she thinks we are missing out by overlooking the creativity of disabled artists. “My work wouldn’t be the work it is if I wasn’t disabled. It’s inherently who I am and it does inform the work I make. To say that you don’t see it is trying to eradicate something that’s quite essential”

Language: English
Author: Federica Buzzi

While Le Corbusier’s Modulor Man created a normative standard for the human body, it was by itself already the result of modern architecture’s project for human betterment.

Language: English
Author: Tara Lopez

Article about Vital Spark, a new national initiative in England aiming to create more inclusive and diverse performances for children and young people.

Language: English
Author: Caroline Bowditch

A production for children aged 0 – 12 months and their adult created by Caroline Bowditch, performance artist and choreographer with years of experience in working to improve accessibility and inclusivity within the arts.