Language: Flemish
Author: La Villette

Trailer and information about a performance by Kabinet K - The game. This is what is at the heart of the latest creation by choreographers Joke Laureyns and Kwint Manshoven , alias kabinet k . As long as we are playing will be a show conceived as a playground: a real reservoir of possibilities and interpretations. The game and what it induces lightness and pleasure, what it reveals of inventiveness, ingenuity, confidence, strategy. On the set, seven children and three adults take the rules or ignore them, renew them or hide them. They draw boundaries, cross them, and each decision changes the game, offering spectators new perspectives.

Language: English
Author: François Matarasso

Information about A Restless Art, a book about participatory art with examples from over 15 countries. This page links to a free pdf of the book and to purchase the full paperback version. "Community art is the creation of art as a human right, by professional and non-professional artists, co-operating as equals, for purposes and to standards they set together, and whose processes, products and outcomes cannot be known in advance."