Fie Dam Mygind

I’m a contemporary dancer based in Copenhagen. I graduated from Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (SEAD) in 2010 with a major in both choreography and performance. The study gave me a strong foundation in dance and performance as well as providing me with an international outlook already from the very beginning of my career.

In the past five years I’ve primarily been part of productions for young audiences. In Denmark as well as Austria and Belgium. I engage in highly collaborative projects - working as a dancer, performer and actor.

When it comes to dance I’m interested in a physical language that is highly communicative and abstract at the same time - physical poetry. To me dance is deeply imbedded in my way of understanding myself. I think dance and movement is an extremely powerful tool when working with young people. I’ve
taught a lot of dance and movement workshops for teenagers in public schools in Denmark and it’s always very obvious how much impact it has on the students to be confronted with themselves and each other physically.