Heather Fulton

I am a theatre director and arts facilitator based in Moray in the North East of Scotland.  In 2018 my work has been a mix of:

·       Working with children and their carers to explore creative play

·       Creating a show celebrating women in Space for 2 – 5 year olds

·       Directing a play about childhood poverty for a Scottish tour

·       Creating sensory performance art experiences for 9 month old babies

·       Being in residence with two dancers and a choreographer to develop a new show for children and young people.

The variation of my work keeps me thinking.  The projects I work on all in some way feed into and nourish each other. 

Be it the visuals, the text, the story, the concept – I find the same themes emerging, growing and challenging my ideas of the world.  I like to create work that reflects and questions the world we’re living in - be this for adults or toddlers. I always aim to make something moving, thought provoking and with humour.  My joy of working in this industry comes from the limitless avenues to explore. For me working in the arts is organic, magical and extremely special. 


Photo c. Sid Scott