Hediyeh Azma

Hediyeh is an award-winning choreographer and member of International Dance Council (CID) of Paris and Professional Dance community of Norway (Proda) with 21-year experience in the field of Iranian urban dance. She has also trained in modern, contemporary and classical ballet.

She was awarded as ‘Best Performer’ and ‘Best Director’ at the Iranian movement festival called ‘Point’ for her choreographic work. Parallel to her artistic career, she runs her dance school in Iran, called ‘Deir’, founded in 2009. A fellowship in the subject of entrepreneurship in Sweden further honed her career as founder of her school. 

She holds an MA in Dance Anthropology from Choreomundus programme. In her thesis she looks at the relationship between audience and dancers in the context of site-specific, audience participatory performances.

Her works are informed by the social issues of her own every day life. She is interested in the corporeality as a medium to visualize and to bring these social matters into the collective consciousness.