Ida Uvaas

Ida Uvaas is a dance artist with a BA(hons) from Laban, London, and an MfA Art and Public Space from Oslo National Academy of the Arts. Since 2005 she has worked as a choreographer, dancer, teacher and producer, mainly in collaborative, self-produced, interdisciplinary projects. Her works are often interactive and site- or audiencespecific, and her interest lies in the relationship with the audience, and in who the art is made by and with, and most importantly, who it is made for.

Uvaas was based in London until 2011, where she founded and created work with the collective MIKS, together with Anais Bouts (F) and Sara Lindstrom (SE). After moving to Oslo, she has created ‘Kan jeg faÌŠ litt mer lys? -en solo for to’ (2013) in the atmospheric Emanuel Vigeland Museum, and ‘Hvis jeg kunne gro tid’ (2018), a performance by and with Uvaas in her own home. In 2010 she co- created ‘I Vesterled’, an interdisciplinary, interactive promenade performance for children 8-12yrs, a performance designed to transform familiar spaces in the school into an adventurous world, where the children themselves become the protagonists of the story. ‘I Vesterled’ is still active, after more than 150 performances. In 2014, she co-created ‘Korp, korp’, an interactive installation performance for children 6mths-3yrs, an interdisciplanry project where scenography, sound and choreography play equal parts in the audiences’ experience.