Liva Møller Overgaard

Liva is a singer-songwriter and artist who recently graduated as Master in Music Performance at Rhythmic Music conservatory in Copenhagen. Liva goes by the artist name Liva Mo. She is interested in the potential of healing sounds and music, in making music that moves and touches the listener.

She works as a church-singer and is very inspired in her current work to integrate the sound of the big reverberated church space together with the intimate space of the bedroom. She was very inspired by her artist residency in Iceland in autumn 2018, where she discovered the potential of lo-fi recording aesthetics and found collaborators in artists such as Kira Kira, Soley and Tina Dickow. She is working on her debut album “DOLORE CURA” which is an album intended to “heal” the listener from his/her trauma through the sounds and stories. 

Liva works as a yoga teacher where she gives classes and workshops that always end in a long relaxation with sounds and singing. Since she studied Musical accompaniment for dance at the national scenic arts school, Liva has been interested in working in the interdisciplinary field with dancers and visual designers.