Mafalda Silva

  • Photo by Simen Engseth

Mafalda is a Portuguese-Norwegian actress and theatre maker, whose main body of work includes puppetry, clown and visual theatre. Having immigrated from Portugal to Norway at an early age, she keeps a special interest in performances that are able to communicate without the use of words. Through her own work, Mafalda aims to explore a universal visual language that is capable of puncturing cultural barriers, symbols and conventions. Whether they be clown, puppetry, or dance, Mafalda’s creations all derive from her interest in movement and its implications on our emotional universe. Her pieces often delve into the themes of belonging, identity and the loss of it.

Mafalda has a BA from the Acting and Theatre Production program of Nord University in Verdal, Norway. She has additionally done extensive training in France with performers from the French theatre company Cie. Philippe Genty. Her work has received funding from Arts Council Norway, the Norwegian Fund for Performing Artists (FFUK), Trøndelag fylkeskommune and Sparebank 1 SMN.

In addition to her stage work, Mafalda also dabbles in soundtrack design, and works as a dialogue facilitator and workshop holder for youths in the Oslo region.