Sara Claes


I am Sara Claes, I studied photography at Luca Arts Brussels (2003) and attended the Postgraduate course at HISK (Higher Institute of Fine Arts - 2006). I also finished a four-year training in art therapy (2017). In addition, I followed a number of courses and workshops in music, singing, directing and drama/performance.

I would describe myself as a very visual person who’s addicted to human stories. I look at the world as a hunter/collector and translate my findings as a poet/psychologist: honest, absurd and, if needed, brutal and direct. I am the driving force behind Postkaartproducties, a collective with the baseline "Theatrical support for emotions and suchlike" (Theatrale ondersteuning voor emoties en aanverwanten). We create artistic interventions and theatrical acts about topics that are socially and artistically relevant. For example, we built “ de Troostwinkel” a place where, after a small conversation, you get a home-made "comforter" to support your needs or desires. In our “Complimentariaat” we write custom-made compliments, and “De verloren majoretten” (the lost marching-girls) try (not) to keep pace and find their way in life. For the moment we work on “The ministry of measurements”, a performance about our need as a society to measure everything. With these theatrical acts we give small injections to people and let them reflect on how we relate to the world and each other. What I create consists of a mix of theatre, social and psychological research, visual work, humor and poetry.

Postkaartproducties plays at art and theatre festivals, but also in public spaces,schools and healthcare institutions. We played at the Watou Arts Festival (2018), Theater aan Zee (2018), M-idzomer festival Leuven (2018), STRAF (benefit organized by, among others, Villa Voortman - 2018), etc…In addition to Postkaartproducties, I work as an art therapist at De Aanwakkerij, my practice for art therapy.