Sonia Ntova

I move because I can express my ephemeral reality in a way that my mind cannot. Transmitting my sensation through the body as an expressive tool started at the same moment I’ve started speaking and goes on in my life since then.

Every movement, which can be lead to a dance formation, has a social existence. A vibrating reality of the current moment. Body memory is individual and unique, and our history finds a way to inhabit in our bodies. Our past, our present, our future, all translated to images, sensations, memories, contractions. How life has an impact to our body? And how dance can change our perspective while living in this world. Dance can create groups filled with eye contacts, trust, smile, touching, support, friendship, relationships…

I am a dance practitioner and facilitator based in Denmark. Worked around Europe the past 10 years in solo works, collaborations with different artists, teaching dance movement to professionals, amateurs and kids in various contexts. I have been a collaborator in the program “it could be me – it could be you” by Hellenic Theatre/Drama & Education Network and UNHCR Greece (Agency for Refugees) organizing education artistic projects for children refugees. At the moment I study in the Dance Partnership postgraduate program by the Danish National School of Performing Arts.

My interest derives from an inner need to build on my past creative experiences, to hone my artistic sensibility and find ways to transmit ideas to different social groups.