Stina Strange Thue Tobiasen

  • Photo by Emilia Staugaard

I place myself under the notion of being a storytelling academic dance artist working in the crossfields of facilitating movement and dance, producing performances and being an artist on stage.

Fascinated by the way in which we can all learn to comprehend ourselves and our emotional beings through embodied knowledge I have always taught young people. It fascinates me how dance keeps breaking people´s boundaries and getting in touch with their inner emotions by moving awkwardly, animalistic, human, light, staccato and so forth.

I have worked in the school project Ta´ Fat Om Dansen and been a choreographer's assistent for Sofie Christiansen in sART Danseteater on the community project Dans Med Din Nabo. Teaching is part of my artistic practice and dna. 

I currently work as the creative producer and dancer in the dance company DeLeónCompany presenting physical works on stage on notions that can be abstract and hard to grasp. Areas of ungraspable notions and mystery attract me in this life
that seems to put a pressure on everyone to be able to understand, control and perfect. I believe we need to find more small poetic spaces for the unknown. Lately DeLeónCompany was nominated a Reumert for the dance performance Ocean Of Our Motion.

I was educated a dancer at The Ballet Academy in Gothenburg in 2010 and completed the post-graduate Dance Partnership Education at the Danish National School of Performing Arts in 2014.