About the topic

Photo of Julie Cleves and Robbie Synge

No matter where you come from, you are bodied and so am I. Our body is a constant site of meaning-making, relations and change, and the body is subject to many layers of references, expressions and biases.

As bodies-of-and-in-the-world, we are material, enfleshed and beminded beings. Body-and-mind is an entangled unity, and this unity grow, develop and change in close companion. Through life and always in relation to the surrounding culture and society, body-and-mind constantly change in ability and expression.

How can we open up for new perspectives, and perceptions, where ideas and practices about different bodies are being stretched and challenged? How can an artistic space be given for different bodies to move and communicate, and at the same time move our perceptions and minds? How can a broad variety of bodily expressions help us reflect through a psychical approach?

In PUSH+, we will focus norm critically and creatively on the biases, opportunities and challenges that come with the perception of body-and-mind. We will challenge normative positions regarding who is able and who is not, who is artistically interesting, beautiful and worth listening to in art and society.

Through dance and theatre, we will challenge the idea children and young people may have of themselves. We wish to work with artists who can challenge the normative, and investigate new becomings in performing arts for young audiences. By working with artists who are curious and open-minded in their approach, we wish to support the discussion of difference in dance, theatre and performance.

We will also explore the possibility of creating short artistic interventions in public spaces where the reach of the performers could be much wider and presented as artistic bodies, different bodies and expressions in the public space.

The Different Bodies topic will be hosted by:

Lab - Scenekunstbruket, Norway
Residency - Aaben Dans, Denmark
International Workshop - BICT Fest, Thailand
Festival Presentation - Edinburgh International Children’s Festival (Imaginate), Scotland