About the topic

Photo by Jassy Earl

The most basic ”thing” humans have in common is the body. No matter which culture you come from, which colour you have - you have a body and so do I.  And yet the body, as well as the mind, is subject to many layers of references, meanings, expressions and biases. The ‘right’ body, the disabled body, the oversized, the old, the healthy body.

The body is home of the mind and closely connected to it. If anything happens to the body, it affects the mind and vice versa. Through life both body and mind change in ability and expression. We are so used to regarding the young, normal, well-developed body and mind as the ideal, that we may find it difficult to open up to other expressions: that an old body can move in an artistically interesting way; that a person with Down’s syndrome has a broad variety of expressions; or that a child has the ability to reflect on a deep level through sensations and a psychical approach. 

In PUSH+ we will focus on the biases that come with the perception of body and mind and the normative positions we have regarding who is normal and who is not. Who is able and who is not able.

Via dance and live performance, this topic will question the normative idea that children and young people have of themselves and encounter in their meeting with the world. We wish to work with people who can twist our perception of these normatives and investigate new forms of representation in artistic work for young audiences. By working with artists who are curious and open-minded in their approach to “able-ness” we wish to support the discussion of who can be on stage and when is the different body and another mind both artistically interesting to work with and to watch on stage and how can we broaden the collective perception.

We will also explore the possibility of creating short artistic interventions in public spaces where the representation of the performers could be much wider than “just” the equilibrant body and mind but presented as artistic bodies, different bodies and expressions in the public space.

The Different Bodies topic will be hosted by:

Lab - Scenekunstbruket, Norway
Residency - Aaben Dans, Denmark
International Workshop - BICT Fest, Thailand
Festival Presentation - Edinburgh International Children’s Festival (Imaginate), Scotland