Home Lab

Photo by Neil Harvey

The Home Lab will bring together 15 artists from 23 January to 1 Feburary 2019 to work with Lead Artist Luke Pell, the PUSH+ filmmaker Jassy Earl and input from Quarantine, Wild Journeys and Niroshini Thambar.  We will explore many questions together including:

  • Does home have a different meaning for children?  How are we impacting on children by portraying home in theatre and dance as a place of cosiness and safety where this is not their experience of life?
  • How does our experience of place create identity and belonging, both of which are essential to an understanding of home?
  • How much is a sense of home connected to ‘physical' space or place and notions of permanence. What is it to live in the middle spaces where sometimes nowhere feels fully like home?
  • Is wherever I lay my hat, my home? privilege, assumption, exclusion?
  • How does our relationship to our environment - built and natural - affect and inform our sense of self, place and home?
  • How do experiences of migration inform the place-making that is involved in making a home?
  • Do we really know who lives in our cities as immigration itself diversifies, with immigrants from new countries moving in, resulting in an increasing and/or changing range of nationalities?
  • Do elements of our home affect the art we make – landscape, language, culture, bodily expressions, rituals, communal storytelling, history?
  • What are the non-permanent and non-human aspects / qualities of home?

We will spend the first three days at Wiston Lodge, a charity housed in a former Victorian Hunting Lodge built in the 1870s offering us time and space to explore our relationship to landscape and work outdoors.  The rest of the Lab time will be spent in Edinburgh working in the rehearsal space at the Royal Lyceum Theatre.

Home Residency (10 – 23 June 2019)

After each Lab, all participating artists will be invited to apply to take part in an associated 2-week Residency,  offering selected artists paid time and space to develop production ideas and collaborations from the Lab with support, advice and feedback. The Home residency will take place in Hasselt, Belgium from 10 - 23 June hosted by Krokusfestival.  Up to 4 artists will be selected, as individuals or as a collaboration with fellow Lab artists. The residency will take place in HET LAB, a new artistic residential workspace for artist development in Hasselt, Belgium, which supports research, process and production development in performance for young audiences. This will allow the artists to research and develop their ideas in a quiet and safe environment while making use of the technical infrastructure of CCHA, if needed. CCHA/Krokusfestival will be closely connected to the residency both in terms of production arrangements (organisation, production, venues, logistical needs) and dramaturgical feedback. The Krokusfestival team will explore all possibilities and opportunities to connect the participating artists to their network of schools, children, parents and invite them to meet local artists and see shows.