Different Bodies Lab

Photo of Women Dancing by Geraldine Heaney

The Different bodies Lab ran from 12 - 20 January 2022, bringing a group of fourteen artists based in five different countries in Europe together online to explore ideas around different bodies in theatre and dance for young audiences.  

Read more about the Different Bodies topic here.

Facilitated by Lead Artist Tone Pernille Østern artists worked together using various online platforms and solo time for tasks incorporating their ideas as well as the following questions:

  • What is a body and how do our bodies connect with our sense of self?
  • What is the connection between body, society and performing arts?
  • What kind of bodies do we see on stages - and whose bodies are missing?
  • What is the impact of how we treat our bodies and how we talk about (or not talk about) bodies?
  • How does the lack of diversity of bodies on stages impact on young audiences?
  • How can we open up for new perspectives, and perceptions, where ideas and practices about different bodies are being stretched and challenged?
  • How can an artistic space be given for different bodies to move and communicate, and at the same time move our perceptions and minds?
  • How can a broad variety of bodily expressions help us reflect through a psychical approach? 

The Lab explored an open and varying interpretation of different bodies, starting up discussions around which bodies are missing on our stages. They looked how many different bodies and expressions exist and work to create better representation in performing arts for a young audience.

Due to Coronovirus restrictions, and after 18 months of reimaginging in different locations and dates, the Lab was held online (and not in Norway), with artists sharing ideas and working together. (you can read about one of the previous date changes due to coronovirus here)

We are also interested in experimentation with form as well as content so will explore three formats over the duration of PUSH+: Participatory, Site-specific and Intergenerational. Through these formats we will play with the ways in which we create and present material, who performs it and how we engage with the audience. Information about these formats can be found here.