Home Residency


Home Residency (12 – 26 June 2019)

The Home residency took place in Hasselt, Belgium from 12 - 26 June 2019 hosted by Krokusfestival. The residency took place at HET LAB, a new artistic residential workspace for artist development in Hasselt, which supports research, process and production development in performance for young audiences. This allowed the artists to research and develop their ideas in a quiet and safe environment while making use of the technical infrastructure of CCHA, if needed. CCHA/Krokusfestival were closely connected to the residency both in terms of production arrangements (organisation, production, venues, logistical needs) and dramaturgical feedback. The Krokusfestival team also looked for opportunities to connect the participating artists to their network of schools, children, parents so they could meet local artists and see shows.

The artists selected to take part were Ilke Teerlinck, Mette Møller Overgaard, Els Roobroeck and Vince Virr who worked together on a project provisionally called Happy Feet.  After the Residency, they went on to present this as a work in progress at Showbox Festival in December 2019.