Eoin Lynch


I am a performer and theatre maker. As a performer I have worked with many of Ireland’s most prolific theatre and dance companies from Druid, to CoisCeim and Barabbas. I also work increasingly in film and tv both in Ireland and in the U.K. I am currently donning a frock coat on the BBC’s production of Poldark.

Through my initial training at Rose Bruford College I became involved with companies that created work around the disciplines of Clowning, Puppetry and Physical Theatre. This work led me to work increasingly within the area of Theatre for Young Audiences. I am a previous Associate Artist with Monkeyshine Theatre, who I have worked with regularly. In 2014 I began to produce my own work.

The work I initially produced for Young Audiences was a simple form of single-person storytelling that incorporated puppetry. Over the past four years I have received two Bursary awards and a Travel and Training award from the Arts Council. This funding allowed me to broaden my understanding of the kind of work, and themes that are relevant to young audiences. Through research and development carried out in schools and with groups young people, my work has become more challenging and engaging for both myself, and the audience.

One significant step on the development of my work can be traced to a three month intensive course (Curious School of Puppetry) that I took part in in early 2017. This course not only tightened up many technical aspect of puppetry in my work, but also introduced me to several cutting edge storytelling techniques.

The work that I am developing now under the company name of Wildefolk, uses a technique called Micro Cinema Theatre (MCT). Essentially there are two viewpoints at play in MTC; that of the stage or model view, and that of the projected view. Around, and within this world there are up to three cameras which are live edited and projected onto an overhead screen. These views are usually complementary to one and other, at other times in con ict but always leading the story in an original and unique visual style.