Eva Schram


Eva Schram is an actress, writer, maker. Graduated from the University of Groningen, as a novelist in 1994, and from Herman Teirlinck in 1999, with the prize of the IT festival as the best actress with her own written texts, after which she appeared on stage with large and small companies: Toneelhuis, KVS, De Tijd , Het Paleis, Jan Decorte, Malpertuis, SKAGEN, Hanneke Paauwe, Tristero, Het Gevolg, Sam Bogaerts, Piet Arfeuille, Production house Brabant, Abattoir Fermé ... Actor Valentijn Dhaenens told her that she once knew few players with such a diverse CV.

She also does some TV work, often portraying "harder" roles, such as in Code 37 or Gent West.

In recent years she has also focused on socially engaged artistic work. She started at Kunst Z, moved to Forsythia in Brussels and now for the second year in a row at Tutti Fratelli, where she works with young people. She also teaches Drama at both the Antwerp conservatory and the KASK in Ghent.