Georgia Kapodistria

Georgia is a freelance dance practitioner based in Copenhagen, Denmark, who is active in projects focusing on performance, facilitation and research. Her ongoing artistic focus is to give space for the three above-mentioned practices to coexist and inspire her work on equal terms.

She takes on the roles of the performer, the choreographer, the teacher and the researcher in her participation in independent works throughout Europe, but also through the creation of own projects. A very vibrant subject in her work at the moment is the political notion of decolonization in relation to her artistic practice.

Georgia holds a B.A in Dance from the Folkwang University of the Arts (Essen, Germany) and a postgraduate diploma in Dance Partnership from The Danish National School of Performing Arts (Copenhagen, Denmark). At present time she enjoys collaborations in Denmark with The Royal Danish Theater, Åben Dans Theater, KORA / Dansehallerne, as well as international collaborations with Szene2wei Tanzkompanie (Germany), Echo Arts (Cyprus) and Netzwerk AKS (Austria).

Her interest in theater for children and young audiences has been there from the beginning of her career and has been manifested in her choreographic collaboration with companies with young dancers, as a performer in dance works for young audiences and facilitator of dance classes and workshops for children and young dancers.