Hanneke Paauwe

As a writer, director and theatre maker I am  interested in several forms and formats and images for young and adult audiences. I’ve made many performances, installations and theatre-work where I researched  what can be the impact of -Space ( where and how is the audience and the actor/s ‘placed’)  What can a site specific location bring to a performance?

-Intimacy (one on one performances, 1:5, 1:20 etc.  Has a smaller audience a bigger impact or is  more frightening? How can it be helpful to your content? How does it influence the audience / performer?

-The senses ( how can they enrich a performance, how can they transport or sustain a content in an immersive way?

-Interactivity ( can giving your audience an active role,  intensify your content / performance?

As a artist I am interested in what is taboo in our society, what is seen as a dangerous and edgy content for children and youngsters and why? What topic’s do we not like to talk about in the arts for youngsters? How do we view childeren, youngsters and adults? How do we represent girls and females? How do we deal with outcasts, with the other, which borders do we draw?

How (in) tolerant are we?

Where do we (dis)obey, cross borders, leave space for The Other?

What is the place of morality and where do we get immoral?

What does it mean to be human?