Hussein Al-Khalidi

Hussein Al-Khalidi is a theatre maker and actor from Baghdad, Iraq. After successfully completing his academic studies, he worked for eight years as a director for several tv-channels, one of which the national Iraqiya channel. Since 2016, he is participating in social-artistic projects in Antwerp, Belgium, both as an actor and as a director.

His recent work is mainly focused on topics of diversity, interculturalism and social inclusion. He aims to bring together people from different cultural backgrounds, with various levels of artistic experience and from multiple disciplines: theatre, dance, music, video, graphic design…

Hussein always conveys a social message, sometimes in a light-hearted and humoristic manner, sometimes in a more serious tone. He enjoys mixing genres, e.g. balancing the realistic with the absurd or experimental.

Main productions 2016-2020:

Actor in ‘Peacecraft’ for UMove4Peace and director of ‘Dreams without wings’, both plays on the topic of refugees in our society.
Actor in ‘Society of villains’, ‘A city for everyone and no one’ and ‘If we dance, grandma won’t die’ -three plays on the topic of a multicultural society (Madam Fortuna vzw).
Actor and maker of ‘I am Hussein, who are you’? -theatrical monologue on the topic of fleeing one’s home country and integrating into European society.
Actor in ‘Banzaï’ -realistic play on the topic of (problems in) youth
Director of ‘Writing without words’ -a philosophical performance on the universal themes Love, Time and Death.
Director of ‘East West, Love is Best’ -comic play on intercultural relationships and the relations between East and West.