Phillida Eves

  • Photo by Anita Murphy

I am a creative multi-sensory artist and educator practising in Ireland and Croatia. I am passionate about engaging neurodiverse children and young people with the arts. Neurodiverse includes individuals labelled as having learning disabilities, complex needs, and on the autistic spectrum.  I devise, develop and create high quality, immersive, interactive, multi-sensory theatre musical performances collaboratively with and for neurodiverse children.

I collaborate with musicians Michael Chang, Thomas Johnston, Miquel Barcelo and others.  We create space, opportunities and provocations to empower the children, verbal and non-verbal, to have a voice in the process of co-creating the participatory theatrical experiences. It’s important to me that the child’s experience has meaning for them and gives them a sense of self and their own agency to engage with the arts.

I create non judgemental, stimulating, multi-sensory artistic space for children to feel safe, valued and nurtured and am passionate about creating  opportunities for neurodiverse children and their families to share the transformative wonder of the arts together. My ambition is to include neurodiverse adults as equal partners in the collaborative process and as performers in this work. As a performer I aspire to be truly responsive and present to the audience within the show structure. Each show is unique because each audience, their reactions and engagement is completely unique to them.  I am a collaborative artist and want to share the joy of working with this audience. 

Associate Artist - Baboró International Arts Festival for Children

Creative Associate - Creative Schools Arts Council of Ireland.