Language: English
Author: David Wohl

An article about site specific theatre and its place in the world of theatre. Models of site specific theatre and the challenges around it. Article written 2014.

Language: English
Author: Rachel Bowditch, Daniel Bird Tobin, Chelsea Pace, and Marc Devine

"Within the context of ATHE 2017’s focus on the examination of spectacle, the authors held a panel titled “Placing Spectacle: Examining Site-Specific Performance,” sharing their experiences in creating site-specific performance. Afterward, the authors ventured out onto the Las Vegas strip to perform Vessel Project’s Transfix, an “atmospheric” performance examining the art of presence (figs. 1–3). Using this experience and pulling from their creative projects in public parks, subways, vast desert landscapes, storefronts, industrial warehouses, and art museums, the authors here distill some principles for creating site-specific performance."

Language: English
Author: Andy Field

Article exploring how much work that calls itself site-specific really is. "When this theatre is held up as being site-specific, when Kane or Marlowe are used to tick that box, what room is left for those theatre practitioners who are attempting to forge a more sensitive relationship with their site? I worry that straight theatre is merely reproducing itself, dressing itself in radical trappings and passing itself off as its other; meanwhile those authentically experimenting with site are left struggling in relative silence."