Language: English
Author: Raman Mundair

"I live in Shetland. I am a Black woman in the middle of the North Sea, raising wild children in a wild place where the winds can be so strong, you can’t stand up. If the weather is bad, your boat literally doesn’t come in and the shelves in the local shops lay bare. Here, I am confronted with the fact that although I feel married to the landscape and committed to my relationship with the natural world, the human ‘natives’ don’t always recognise me as a fellow species, let alone local."

Language: English
Author: Dina Nayeri

Dina Nayeri was just a child when she fled Iran as an asylum seeker. But as she settled into life in the US and then Europe, she became suspicious of the idea that refugees should shed their old identities and be eternally thankful

Language: English
Author: Peter Bradshaw

Birdman director Alejandro González Iñárritu’s latest project is an innovative and immersive account of the horrors faced at the Mexico-US border....."The experience plunges you into the disorientating and even terrifying situation. You walk into what is effectively an aircraft hangar shed: the installation has been set up at Cannes-Mandelieu airport, twenty minutes drive out from the centre. You take your shoes and socks off in a side room with other people’s boots and shoes littered about, and walk through into a space the size of a tennis court, covered in sand."

Language: English
Author: Participant Media

Short clip of Ai Wei Wei talking about the global crisis.

A tale of two fathers: ‘The way I miss my kids is indescribable’

Translation: A tale of two fathers: ‘The way I miss my kids is indescribable’

Language: English
Author: Sally Hayden, Ziad Ghandour - The Irish Times

Nazim’s story is one that highlights an impossible choice faced by many parents caught up in Syria’s brutal and devastating war. Should they illegally move their whole family, entrusting vulnerable children to smugglers who will rush them past militia checkpoints or put them in dinghies which have been known to capsize? Or should they leave them in a war zone with rapidly changing dynamics, sending one parent ahead to wait a year or more until they can all be legally reunited?

Do migrants have a voice in Irish arts?

Translation: Do migrants have a voice in Irish arts?

Language: English
Author: Dr Charlotte McIvor for RTE

Opinion: we may pride ourselves on our artistic and cultural exploits, but how aware and supportive are we of the work of migrant artists in Ireland?

Language: English
Author: Frances Perraudin - The Guardian

Thirty-three groups ask government to let councils provide ‘independent oversight’ of housing for those seeking sanctuary

Language: English
Author: Fiona Murphy and Ulrike M Vieten

Like elsewhere in the UK, the Home Office policy of contracting out the housing needs of asylum seekers to private companies means housing conditions have deteriorated. Enforced destitution is also very visible – asylum seekers can be seen sleeping in parks or on the streets of Belfast, huddled together against the harsh northern climate.

Language: English
Author: Frances Stonor Saunders

An article from the London Review of Books on borders.

Language: English
Author: Mary-Elaine Tynan

Irish Times article

Language: English
Author: SBC Theatre

An impassioned call to arms, a play and a campaign: Tanja is a dramatic exploration of immigration detention centres, starring Emily Ntshangase-Wood, a former Yarl’s Wood detainee.

Language: English
Author: Sarah Ruiz-Grossman

Last week a list of more than 33,000 migrants who had died on their way to Europe made headlines worldwide after a Berlin newspaper printed it as a 48-page insert in its Nov. 9 edition.

Language: English
Author: MigrationTrail

10 day project tracing journey to and through Europe in real time.

Time to stand up for people in direct provision

Translation: Time to stand up for people in direct provision

Language: English
Author: Una Mullally - Irish Times

We do not have to wait for a catastrophic story about an individual in direct provision. We know the system exists, and we know that the Irish government has the power to dismantle it

Language: English
Author: Amanda Palmer

"while the headlines blare on about the distractions du jour, we are now witnessing the highest levels of displacement **on record**. an unprecedented 65.6 million people around the world have been forced from their homes. among them are nearly 22.5 million refugees, over half of whom are under the age of 18. this past spring of 2017, i traveled to lesvos, greece, where i worked with a small NGO and saw the continual plight of families and children living in limbo with a scarcity of help and resources while the world marches on without paying attention. " - Amanda Palmer

Language: English
Author: Alfonso Montero - The Guardian

There are an estimated 18,500 migrant children in Greek refugee camps,more than 2,500 of whom are unaccompanied. The country is facing a tremendous challenge to support them; there is no specific legal framework or adequate public support after years of austerity.

Language: English
Author: Michael O'Regan - Irish Times

Last May, a Burmese man who spent eight years in direct provision before getting refugee status unanimously won his Supreme Court appealover laws preventing him working here before his status was decided.

Language: English
Author: The Guardian

Repeated efforts to cross the Channel to Britain have been made by migrants, prompting an Anglo-French operation to bolster security around the ports, including building razor-topped fences. Last year French authorities cleared the camp in an attempt to relocate people or send them to centres around the country where they could apply for asylum.

Language: English
Author: Irish Modern Dance Theatre

A production by Irish Modern Dance Theatre (John Scott) performed by 2 professional dancers and 11 torture survivors coming from 9 different countries. "Cast members, many now Irish citizens, have lost homes, careers, family and health but their dance celebrates the power of the human spirit, their dignity and determination and carries imprints from their lives, their loss and their future hopes...."

Language: English

Interesting project using film so children and youth refugees can tell their stories. "Storytelling Without Borders is a creative and intersectoral partnership between six creative arts and humanitarian organisations in Sweden, Greece and Denmark. The Swedish organisation Historieberättarna is the founder of the Project and Filmcentrum is the coordinating partner."

Ellis Island

Translation: Ellis Island

Language: English
Author: Meredith Monk and Bob Rosen

Between 1892 and 1927, almost 16 million people came to Ellis Island attempting to immigrate to the United States. For the 280,000 who were turned back, Ellis Island become the “Isle of Tears.” Meredith Monk and Bob Rosen chose this site as the setting for a historical/psychological ghost story about our ancestors.

Language: English
Author: Evening Echo

A GROUP of teenagers from Direct Provision centres across Cork will showcase their talent and creativity by unveiling a mural at Fitzgerald’s Park this Friday.

Border Patrol Arrests Parents While Infant Awaits Serious Operation

Translation: Border Patrol Arrests Parents While Infant Awaits Serious Operation

Language: English
Author: John Burnett, NPR

While they pondered their predicament in a Harlingen, Texas, hospital, a Border Patrol agent showed up in the waiting room — Oscar Sanchez suspects a nurse turned them in — and said he could arrange for officers to escort the parents through the checkpoint to Corpus.

Language: English
Author: Mark Hilliard

Ms Justice McGuinness will tell the Asylum Seekers Right to Work event that the well-known difficulties of those in the Direct Provision system are exacerbated by the length of time they remain in limbo.

Language: English
Author: NASC

“In the midst of a full-scale housing crisis, the Department of Justice is actively seeking to make asylum seekers homeless and destitute. It is cruel and inhumane,” states Nasc’s Legal Services Manager Fiona Hurley.

‘We didn’t come to Ireland to claim benefits. That would be an embarrassment’

Translation: ‘We didn’t come to Ireland to claim benefits. That would be an embarrassment’

Language: English
Author: Sorcha Pollak, Irish Times 20th September 2017

"We are the indigenous people who lived on that land before the establishment of Israel..."

Language: English
Author: Olive Collins

Cromwell sent many Irish to Jamaica in the 1600s. The emigration continued for more than 200 years... "It was thought that the Irish would have a better chance of survival if they were introduced to the climate at a young age. Cromwell then sent 2,000 children between the age of 10 and 14 years."

Whats the story

Translation: Whats the story

Language: English
Author: RTE - National Broadcaster

Lives in Direct Provision Ireland

Syrians cook for locals as part of Sligo Global Kitchen event

Translation: Syrians cook for locals as part of Sligo Global Kitchen event

Language: English
Author: Irish Times


Migrant Mother's and Lullabies

Translation: Migrant Mother's and Lullabies

Language: English
Author: Radio 4 Womens Hour

A Radio 4 Women's Hour report (at 11 mins in) about a project by Praxis, working with refugee women (including those who are 'illegal' or unreported) creating lullabies for their children, set to music and sung by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

Language: English
Author: Sorcha Pollack

Article about one Woman's use of community and the arts to assist her while living in Direct Provision in Ireland.

Language: English
Author: The Irish News

Refugee Children have written a book of Fairytales. Two workers working with Refugee children in Greece have worked with the children to create a book of Fairytales.



Language: English
Author: Rachel Aviv

In Sweden, hundreds of refugee children have fallen unconscious after being informed that their families will be expelled from the country.

Language: English
Author: by Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich

Children's books that deal with the topic of refugees in an age appropriate manner.

Reception Conditions

Translation: Reception Conditions

Language: English
Author: Asylum Information Database

Comparisons of conditions for asylum seekers in European countries

Language: English
Author: Georgette

Selections of books for children to help them explore the issue of migration.

Language: English
Author: IETM

Link to IETM report which "highlights key areas where cultural interventions lead to tangible benefits, and emphasises the importance of a further tier of cultural projects that do not simply engage newcomers, refugees and migrants, but foster interaction and dialogue with wider European society."

Kids, refugees, questions

Translation: Kids, refugees, questions

Language: English
Author: The Guardian

A video in which British children and child refugees ask and answer questions about the refugee crisis.....

Language: English
Author: Changiz M Varzi |

Palestinian artist Mahmoud Hourani's silent play aims to discover why refugees are risking everything to reach Europe.

Language: English
Author: Human Rights Watch

European Union governments’ policy responses to migration undermine refugee protection and human rights and diminish the EU’s moral standing, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today.


Translation: Skinless

Language: Norwegian
Author: Kaja Glenne Lund and Tiffany Morrell /

A podcast on the situation for LGBT refugees in Norway. - Anyone seeking asylum on the basis of LGBTI are faced with a demand from the Norwegian authorities that they must reflect carefully around their sexual identity. Who they are and who they will be. Many are connecting LGBTI with shame and stigma, and do not always want to explain the reason when they seek asylum. When they are rejected by the UDI, and information about their identity appears in the complaint to UNE, they are not believed, says Kaja Glenne Lund.

Language: English
Author: Alexandra Ma

Article (and photographs) outlining a project where children who had travelled as refugees recreated images from their real life stories on theatre sets for a photo journalism project.

Language: English
Author: Carl O’Brien

Article - including a number of video interviews with children - exploring the experience for asylum seekers living in the ‘Direct Provision’ system in Ireland which is the system used while processing asylum seekers claims for refugee status.

Language: English
Author: David Hutchison

Story of the ‘Good Chance Theatre’ in the Jungle camp in Calais. How it came about, who supported it, why it was needed.